Strategic Plan Draft

Members are invited to comment on the strategic plan document below (“leave a reply”) before ratification by the Board of Directors.


We are focused on effective planning that guides continuous improvement and delivers benefits through competitive advantages. These plans will be continually updated and adhered to by future boards to give direction and good governance to its membership.

In line with this commitment, Our Club’s vision is to be recognised as the leading golf club in the region, providing quality facilities and services to the benefit of our members and their guests, the local community and visitors to the area.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bob Hitching says:

    I believe that the club needs to get rid of the separation of women and The “men”. The seems to be a conservation around this is a men’s club and the women are the visitors. The contribution to the club by the women is of enormous benefit and once we get rid of the “Dinasours”, the club would be more harmonious. I came from a mixed club in Exmouth and it was awesome. Everyone contributed. Point in case was the Ladies Geographer Comp – bugger all help from the men, apart from a few ( Mal Certainly could have done with a bit more assistance). The same applies to the West Coast Open – the contribution towards a successful event is just left to a few that are interested which really is a shame. Anyway, that’s my whinge.
    Apart from that, I think we have a great club, great staff and finally good management at last.
    Regards, Bob Hitching


  2. Dale McCamish says:

    Positive move. Great starting point, even if there are some points I may not agree with totally. The Plan could be improved if the specific plans, i.e. other than the “ongoing/continual improvement” plans, included dates “to be completed by”.


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