Thursday Night Buffet

South West Functions

Busselton Golf Club

Buffet menu every Thursday night

6.45pm – 8.30pm

 $22 per person

21st March 2019


Freshly baked dinner rolls and butter

Cream of vegetable soup


Roast Timber Hill Pork served with gravy

Corned Beef Silverside served with a white sauce

Grilled fish served with a leek and bacon butter sauce

BBQ Chicken Wings

Oven baked potatoes with fresh herbs

Medley of fresh vegetables steamed until just tender

 Rice pilaf  with onion, garlic and herbs

Garden salad • Spiced pasta salad

Caesar salad • Mexican salad


Chocolate and coconut mousse

Mixed berry meringue pie

Seasonal fruit salad with freshly whipped cream and ice cream

Bookings can be made by calling the Golf Club: 9753 1050

WOW  !!!!  Another great menu …

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