2019 Uscape Geographe Classic Results

Congratulations to all of our participants and winners on another fantastic Uscape Geographe Classic for 2019!

Special thanks to our Major Sponsor, Uscape Garden Centre, for their fantastic support over the weekend and in the lead-up to the event, RWK Accountancy, the Espinos Family and Geographe Petroleum for their continued support, the Green-staff who put up an immaculate course for the weekend, Tim Whitty for his tireless and appreciated efforts in the kitchen, our Bar and Pro-Shop staff and all of the following volunteers and entertainers for their help during the weekend, we couldn’t do it without you!

Lorraine Bentley, Dot Marsh, Jan Mountney, Laurel Stone, Jill Hibben, Sharon Koch, Colleen Ryan, Carole Mole, Helen Rigoll, Barb Paterniti, Gwen Nisbet, Rita Germain, Trish Jenkins, Marion Fraser, Merilyn Tarr, Jan Espinos, Irene Harris, Chris Roberts, Lois Butcher, Barb Albrey, Dale Morgan, Kerry Milligan, Effie Malone, Jill Reilly, Judi Sutcliffe, Bev Adams, Mal Rigoll, Neville Dawson, Eric Watts, Ed Bunbury, Jarrad Leaver, Bob Hitching, Ash Grocock, Ross Waring, Brian O’Hehir, Pam Glossop, and Vicki Frost. Apologies if we’ve missed anyone!

See full list of results below:

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